Still Here, Watching.

Yes, I'm pregnant. And it's getting better. Past weeks, it was such a challenge. The salah-terma morning sickness that happened pagi, tengahari, malam now dah resort to malam saja. Agak2 dah tahu nak control and thank god for meds. Didnt know we can take meds bila ngandung ni. Tapi kalau nak wek dia tetap jadi jugak, maybe not as bad.

Reaksi anak2 - the girls are excited. Especially Ulfa who protects me fiercely. Memang Daddy asyik kena bebel kalau Mummy ngadu apa2. Calit skit! Umar thinks I have one hundred babies in there, mentang2lah perut Mummy semula jadi buncit kaaaan. And just because Mummy girl, so baby ni katanya, must be a girl. He and Daddy carry the boys in the family. Heh? Nevertheless, he is more manja with me now. Suka! Kakak sulung cool jek sebab dia paling berpengalaman bab dapat adik ni. But I know she will love love love the baby.

Satu jek, mai tang weekend, the only thing I could think of is sleep or be horizontal or in bed. Ajaklah gi OU ka, Paradigm mall ka, Curve kaaaa...TAK NAK! Duduk umah gak best. (dengan harapan when this first trimester is over, meligat semula leyy)


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