Kiasu Lah Sangat!

My girls; Umaira going to Primary 3, and Ulfa almost in Primary 1. They grow up so fast! Tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakk!

Love it when he takes up this role. So sexy! Eh?

My little smart girl is going to real school.

Ni dok mintak baju skolah gak ni, sebab attention mmg kat kakak2 only. At this time, we were looking at Kakaks' shoes. He wanted a black pair (sapa ntah lantik dia jadi pengawas?). So I told him to get a school bag instead. Luckily saploh hengget jek. Ahaks!

Macam-macam brand adaaaa... Kasut sekolah Ben 10 and Barbie. Pegh! Kids these days. And these were actually the cheapest kat situ ya...

I am not able to bend down and help them try. Mummy memang jadi cashier saja. Daddy tukang pilih. I wish they prepared tempat duduk, coz by then my kaki dah nak cramp.

 Dapat jek gaji terus serbu the nearest Jusco. Why Jusco? Memang banyak pilihan apatah lagi beli awal2 ni memang banyaklah saiz yang ada. And kebetulan time ni tak ramai orang. Aaanddd... Sebab Jusco members dapat 10% discount lagi. When you have more than one kids untuk disekolahkan, discounts help, a lot! Itupun ni baru shopping untuk two girls and baju sekolah rendah sahaja... Lom lagi baju sekolah agama... Belum lagi yurannya, buku sekolahnya, Umar's kindy yada yada yada... oh sangapnya. But bak kata seorang teman baik "you are investing in their future." I shall chant this whenever I look at my bank balance.

Count Down

My pregnant partner-in-crime dah selamat melahirkan her baby girl. So now's my turn to rasa gabrak tak pasal-pasal...


Psy vs MC Hammer

Not talking about the recent AMA2012, but I'm referring to what's basically is going on in the huge tummy of mine. Little one is doing some somersault routine which movements mimic very closely to the closing of the awards show.

Which is the main reason why I cant sleep anytime before 12am. And the movements may continue till 3am. Ada one night saja this week that I got myself a peaceful rest and sleep.

Ohkay... This new setting for phone blogging mmg weird. I cant see what I'm typing. Pffthhh!

Mini updates

I'm huge! Like hugeeeeeee! Forth pregnancy menyaksikan berat badan terhebat pernah dicapai - 70kg. I feel like a huge beach ball yg tak larat nak golek pun. But ada yg ckp my face and back tak nampak pregnant but cant hide that huge belly! The thing is during the last checkup baby is only about 1.5kg. Dah hok lain tu mendenya? Byk nau carry air ya.

Progress with new house berjalan lancar. By end of next week dah clear all cabinets so we can start moving in by end of the month kalau nak. Yeyy! I am only upset with the colour of my wardrobe, it's this yucky brown that looks so cheapo, did I really choos the colour. Why why why?

I've also started to shop for the baby. I must stop buying clothes. Kakak's baju yg elok2 all I still keep. My wishlist? A nice stroller for baby. Coz my fav stroller sudah pass kat SIL. Kira khalas lah tu.

Kids r excited about moving house and school but I'm so anxious for them. It's like first day of school all over again and times three! I am gonna miss Damansara area more than they do, believe me. Sob!

Xleh nak baring right now wpun dah lepas midnight. Se'eh and I feel besauuuuuuu!

I am currently 7.75 months pregnant. January, I can't wait for you!
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