Dusting 4 Years of Silence

It is 2018 and Yes, I am back. Cliche to say, lots has happened and I have not stopped writing and it was mainly for work except for the Editor’s Note that I can actually insert a bit of my life experiences and advices for a certain audience.

But of lately, I miss talking about my children. They have grown and I need to change this space to a different name because we have another U ini our U!niverse; Khaira Uzma Aisyah. She is turning five in 9 days time, currently down with cough and fever after four days of school. The poor kid.

Khaira at about a year old.

Besides Khaira, I almost had another U, but the child passed away when he or she was 16 weeks in my tummy. I found out about this sad news on my birthday about four years ago, when Khaira was about 10 months old. After that traumatising experience of lost, of contractions in the ward and actually ‘giving birth’ infront of my bestfriends, going through D&C, not attending my own child’s funeral, feeling of loss, going through two weeks of superstrict pantang, cukuplah four kids lah haaaa... Why am I justifying? Because I get asked if I am looking at adding more number of kids when the truth be told, saya trauma kematian anak.

Fast forward to 2018, since my youngest are also attending school, I am actually feeling the emptynest syndrome, percaya tak? One week of clearing off leave and getting to focus on kids’ first week of school made me realize how fast time flies and soon, or before I know it, they’d be in boarding schools and furthering their studies. Gasp!

That is why, this time around, beginning of 2018, I have decided to start writing about my kids again. To document as much memories as I can for my personal ipleasure and to be read later or whenever I miss or think of them.

It will be a bunch of carca merba stuff but tak kisahlah, sendiri mahu baca.

Till the next posting and I hope tidaklah empat tahun lagi ya...

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