A Quick Update

I'm back at work, third week actually. First day masuk jek terus check leave balance last year. Tengok ada 3.5 days, so sudah dihabiskan within two weeks coz that has to go before end of March. And it was perfect timing too coz we had a kenduri aqiqah, cukur jambul and birthday party for Khaira and Umaira. And also doa selamat as housewarming. That was last weekend.

Khaira is doing great. All this while I thought she's yabam enough, but during the kenduri I was so terkejut campur jealous tengok keyabaman (such word, I made that up) their babies. They're like super yabam! Gerammmmmmm...!

Inilahnya princess Daddy. Growing up so fast. And now dah dibotakkan pun. So I call her budak botak coz I like to tease, and the best part is she doesnt mind one bit! Hehe...
Okay....Back to work!
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