Little Moulin Rouge

The title has nothing to do with this entree..hehehe. it's just that the movie is currently on air, so belasah je lah. we're spending the night at Eastin Hotel. why? saja. daddy dapat durian runtuh today, so he thought it would be nice to take the kids here, since they love the pool very much. maybe i should do a blog on swimming pools...yeah right!!
but this month saja, the kids have been in three swimming pools of different hotels. During the cny holidays, since i had the whole week off (cuti paksa actually), took the kids up north. first nite we spent at Park Avenue, Sg Petani. may not be 5 star, but it's very decent. kids loved the pool, mana taknya, depa saja yg conquer the tiny kids pool.
not to mention Daddy sempat selamatkan this boy from drowning. the boy was told by his mom to fetch his little sister yg telah "hanyut" ke tengah adult pool. the boy who i think is around 7 or 8 went without pelampung. belakang, dia sudah cungap. luckily hubby saw and terus jumped in without hesitating. syukur, budak tu tak de apa2, cuma a little shocked. mind you, my hubby cakap he himself can't feel the floor of the pool. it was that deep. mummy yg memang dah tak swim since forever, lagilah tak berani jejak.
aaaannnyyywaysss, the second nite of our hols was spent at my choice of hotel. the Hard Rock Penang. (tq tok mama and baba sebab belanja cuti2,mwahs!) eventhough there was so many people, but after entering our room we fell in love with the place, the pool was superb too! it was huge, and despite the many people (or visitors, who knows), we always have a corner to enjoy the pool. and the pantai was very clean, and there were many activities going around. me and umaira went horseback riding, the kids played with the sand, and built their versions of sand castles. then we went on a boat ride, which was okay, i was seasick to my stomach(gone were my breakfast). we wanted to extend our stay, but the hotel was FULLY BOOKED. sigh...harap2 ada lah rezeki murah lagi nak pi sana duduk dua malam, amiiiinn...not that i hope it's anytime soon, coz the rooms are not cheap ya. gulping jugaklah bila tengok tok baba bayar. thanks papa!
and thanks hubby darling sebab bila ada rezeki lebih selalu ingat kat kami anak beranak, keep it coming yaaaaa.... :)

Accidentally TV-ed

i dont know how it happened, tapi our huge tv fell on Umaira's little feet when she was trying to change the channel manually. it fell in her right feet, and now her inside right ankle is bruising. after checking with the doctor, luckily there was no bones broken as she can still move her legs. but she refuse to walk coz it's very painful plus the fact that she's very traumatized. she was quite afraid that i would scold her for the tv, ofcourse i didn't. i was more worried bout her situation and her pain. my poor eldest baby.
text-ed her principal today, luckily all her homework for the long break was given yesterday. she's quite herself today, syukur. we have to bandage her feet, and thank god i have a helper walaupun dah berumur, dia sangat kuat to carry my 20kg eldest.
my other worry is that Umar will stop bugging Umaira (he loves knocking her feet, sengaja plak tu!). knowing Umaira she's not the kind yang akan buat balik, unlike Ulfa. but she will cry lah... Now i wish i was at home. sigh...

We Want To Be Happy!

(left to right: Umaira, Ulfa, Mummy, Daddy and Umar)
Thanks to a colleague who had thougtfully gave me this really cute candy from Japan. The Azis Ngah-Anida clan would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. May the tiger year bring us more happiness and rezeki lebih murah, amiiiinnn....
Rasa macam family Kungfu Panda plak, hehehehe!

Rezeki Ulfa

(found the pic!! the one that won her the products from Tohtonku. With caption something like "I wonder if this is how Sleeping Beauty sleeps...")

Satu senja yang sepi, my girls were fooling around with my camera. And tup2 tengok, Umaira took a picture of Ulfa in her fav blankie baring dalam bakul baju. Ya, bakul baju yg kecik tu. I was quite surprised by it and since it was quite hillarious, I sent it to Women's Weekly for the Cute Kids page. And the picture was chosen for their November 2009 issue (kalau tak silap)! And last week, Ulfa terima her gifts from Tohtonku worth RM250. Gambar kat atas is just half of the stuff she won, mummy tak larat angkut balik. Kena buat two rounds...hehehehe...
So kalau ada sesiapa ada cute and funny pics of your kids, antarlah kat Malaysian Women's Weekly. Alhamdulillah, tak payah dah mummy beli bekalan sabun mandi for the next few months...hehehehee....
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