Ultra Cute-ness

This is my second daughter, Khadeja Ulfa, who was born on May 1st, 2006; 1010pm. Yes, she's our Labour Day baby and she was born 3.78kg! I remembered Dr Idris (gynae to all my children, and my youngest sister, ehem) said, "Oh, baby besar..." during labour. Imagine! I thought something was wrong ke apa, panik kejap. Rupa2nya my little girl lahir bam bam, macam budak dah sebulan kat dunia. After about 3 pushes, keluar kenit muka daddy (jugak). Hehe...Now that she's three, you can distinguishly tell that she's different than her sister Umaira. She's our manja girl, and despite dah ada adik, still macam baby. She can wink with both eyes, and can give you melting smiles. She learns spelling from Umaira. She speaks fluently by two. When she's upset, she will make your heart robek with her "broken" face. But when she shows tantrum, you can't help getting angry but afterwards peluk gomoi dia. She is daddy's girl. Her daddy kisses her most (selain Mummy ofcourse hehe). She loves giving you kisses. Her "gig" whenever I leave home to work is: "Mummy salam. (salam). Mummy kiss (kisses her on the lips). Mummy peluk. (hugs her tightly)." This must-do-or-you-can't-leave-home-without-seeing-her-mengamuk routine is one of the highlights of the day. Without it, memang akan rasa lebih rindu and tak keruan.

I can't wait to go home to my darlings...

Pesan Anakanda...

Today, we got one great news. We can go home at 5.30pm for Ramadhan. Yeyyy!! This is my 3rd Ramadhan with this company and FINALLY, we are given kelonggaran. Bagussss....Starting tomorrow, can go back early and prepare nicely for iftar. I like!
Tetapi today juga, I wont be able to iftar at home. Mummy's got event in Tarbush, Sunway Pyramid with the cover girls. And Mummy is also the emcee with Aunty Nana. Cold feet, cold fingers you name it, Mummy's got it. Yes dearies, Mummy is not superwoman or bionic..Hehehee..
So this morning, the girls said: "Mummy jangan balik siang, balik malam okay..." Adakah ia satu perlian atau dorongan? You tell me....

School Holiday in Ramadhan!

It's here! The school holiday, which means Umaira get to spend more time with her baby sister and brother. She's still talking about meeting up with her school mates - Alia Alissa and Nadrah (hope Aunty got your name spelt right). But I know she loves "wrestling" with Umar or dancing infront of the telly with Ulfa.
At this moment, Daddy is home taking care of them. After the maid commotion last weekend, we are better off without one. I have never met the laziest most ngelat maid in my life, and believe me, I grew up with maids, so does my children. But the one sent for us memang nightmare for 4 days. We sent her back last night.
So here we are, maidless again, but happier. Ofcourse, we have tomorrow to think about. Poor dearies, I wish Mummy is a superwoman who can work and take care of you guys...
Tonight, taking them to Chili's for their ultimate favourite cheese pizza and mac and cheese. More cheese? Bring it on!

Wishes from Umaira, Ulfa, Umar...

Happy Ramadhan everyone!
Mummy and the kids!

Road Trip - Pasir Putih, KTganu and Awana Kijal

1. Umar ready to go to masjid. 2. Umaira in her fav baju kurung. 3. Ulfa who now hates being photographed, getting cranky. 4. Kids with mummy.

A lot has happened lately, what with maid suddenly took off, and it was the week when we're supposed to go back to Tganu for my SIL's nikah (14 Aug 2009, two days after Umar turned two). But I am very proud (cewah!) to say, me and hubby survived the 4D3N trip on our own. Luckily the kids behaved well during the NINE hours ride to Pasir Putih. We were out of the house by 7.30am and reached Kak Mah's house at 4.30pm. Ofcourse we stopped three times for makan2 and toilet breaks (What with Ulfa toilet trained, memang nak kencing sokmo!).
Anyways, the tahlil and nikah went well. The kids had a hard time adjusting to the hot weather though. Ulfa was quite cranky, Umar was okay because his abang sepupu knows what he likes best - Cats to torture! Haha..And Umaira had so much fun with her cousins (especially the boys), now she can't wait to go back for Raya. I thought I lost weight taking care of three kids on the road, but no way. The food was too good to tolak. Even the kids loved the kenduri food, makan bertambah2...
After the nikah, we went back to Tganu, rumah arwah Mak, where my SIL now lives. First time kami dapat the biggest room in the whole house - the living room. Hehehe...Our usual room was "occupied" by Li's stuff, too messy and (me) lazy to kemas. Mind you, we arrived at 9.30pm. Nak suh Mummy pegang penyapu malam2? I don't think so...
The next day, we woke up early (except Umar was still sleeping on his tummy when we all had breakfast kat serambi). Plans for the day - Pasar Payang, lunch with bureau chief BH, then to Awana Kijal. Before that, the kids had so much fun meronda Serada on Ayah Long's new motorbike berbakul itu. Memang buat perangai budak bandar masuk kampung. Nasib baik, Daddy pandai bawak, so off they went to a nearby shop.

5. Ronda-ronda Serada je... 6. Sepah skit rumah Mak Nik, hehe...

After Pasar Payang and lunch "date" with Daddy's friend, we stopped to Mummy's tpt-wajib-dikunjungi (tapi lupa sat) - Noor Arfa (Didnt buy anything, damn expensive lah!). Ulfa who I mentioned earlier didnt want to be photographed tunjuk skill jadi fotografer plak dah. Hasilnya...
Not too bad, huh?

A night in Awana Kijal, memang fantabulous!! The kids enjoyed the pool, especially Umar who wasnt a bit scared padahal air dah paras dada. The room was very comfy, two queen beds and we took in a cot. Dont want to risk Umar falling off the bed now, do we?

7. It's raining! 8. Daddy and his kids. 9. Lovely! 10. The girls at the beach. 11. Kaki dompot Umar

What a life... :)

Umar Turns Two!

Sigh, he's two. This time two years ago, I was still in labour room waiting for the third miracle to happen. And it finally did at around 5.20pm. At 3.3kg, Iqbal Umar Mohd Azis was born, I was so overdosed by the happy gas, I couldnt actually hold him properly. But there he was on my tummy all bloody, after the "delivery". The most precious thing in our family, our first boy.
Now two years old, he has yet to talk fluently. Tapi beratnya, Subhanallah, 12kg, sama dengan Ulfa. Bak kata kakaknya: "Umar ni makan, berak, makan, berak..." Hehe, so true! This year, we are not planning to have a party for him (cian dia, sebab kakak2 suma dapat besday party). Maybe a quick dinner tonight sebab esok we are travelling to Kelantan for his Mak Nik's nikah on Friday. I need time (and energy) to pack everything.
So yes, Happy Birthday My Darling Umar. Mummy doa Umar jadi anakanda yang bijaksana, dan hidup diberkati selalu. Always be my darling ya....Mwahs!

The LIMA Story

My eldest dara who is 5 years old asked his daddy this morning. "Daddy, can 5 year old children get pocket money?" Nak buat apa? "Umar nak lolipop laaaa..." (Yeah rite!) I asked, betul keeeee? Barulah cik kak mengaku..."Umaira nak lah mummy". Bertuah punya budak.
And today, she has spelling test for alphabet S, ada 5 words. One thing la Umaira ni, she spells better in English. Kalau yang "Bahasa" (as she refers it for Bahasa Malaysia), memang berterabur...

How To Spell...?

There's no great introduction to this space. But this...

Ulfa: How to spell...CAT?
Mummy: I don't know. How ya?
Ulfa: A...B...L. CAT!
Mummy: Pandai...
Ulfa: How to spell...LEMBU?
Mummy: Ulfa teach mummy lar..
Ulfa: A...B...L. LEMBU! Kalau baby lembu?
Mummy: Macam mana?
Ulfa: A...B...L. Baby lembu!
Mummy: Pandai....
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