Post Birthday Pics - Long Overdue

Occasion: Umaira's birthday dinner.
Location: Laman Kasih, Kuang (near Bkt Rahman Putra) - check their Facebook out.
Date: 20 March 2010 (day after her birthday).
Cake: Ladybird Chocolate Sponge Cake from Berry's.

Me and the girls trying out the buaian.
The kids getting ready for the cake-cutting.

Me, Daddy and the girls for the official family moment.
The yummiest cake ever!

Ulfa admiring the fairy lights in Laman Kasih.
Where was Umar? In his stroller, fast asleep...

Manja Mak Tok

Umar and my mak lang. Bukan main lagi lentok. We seldom see mak lang, but she was at Abang Ee's house last weekend so we went to visit her, sekali gus lepak tengok rumah baru my cousin tu. Masa sampai tu, Umar was asleep. Bangun2 jek terus aktif macam biasa then tak semena2 pergi kat mak lang and panjat orang tu nak peluk. Wah! We were all so shocked, it was a good surprise la tapi.
Mama yang saksikan benda tu pun jadi sebak, tak tau napa. My theory: Umar kan tetiap ari ngadap muka Bibik. So he's very used to old ladies, senang manja and he knows he gets what he wants with them. Tu yang bodek my favourite aunty tu. Bukan main lagi buat belaian jiwa.
Anyhowww, this picture will be cherished. :)


He may not be somebody I personally know, but Al-fatihah to Arwah Mohd Ikhwanul Ashraf Datuk Manja. Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat kepada rohnya, dan tempatkannya di kalangan orang yang dikasihi-Nya.
(sangat sentap when ustaz baca talkin tu sebut "Wahai Mohd Ashraf binti Norzita".)

nota kaki untuk anakanda bertiga: Datuk Manja Ismail is Daddy's ketua rombongan meminang masa Mummy and Daddy bertunang dulu ya...He and his wife are the most loving couple I know, and he is known to be very close to his children.

Remuk hati 25 March 2010: Saw picture of the ruined car, it broke my heart. It must've been worse for arwah's parents.

I had a brother once. He passed away in the month of September of 1999. He was 19 then, studying in college, finishing up his final project before graduation. He was the only son in our family. He left home that night after returning my car, insisting he needed to go back to his hostel to finish up his last assignment. I tegur dia "why are you so wangi-wangi? Nak jumpa awek yaa?" That was my last usikan apparently, as his "awek" is Allah SWT, coz he met HIM a few hours later.
His motorcycle berlanggar belakang lori yang kami percaya was parked there tanpa sebarang alatan keselamatan yang sepatutnya. And the lorry "left" him and his friend on the side of the road ya. It was a hit and run yang terbalik.
This happened at kilometer 77.5 of PLUS highway, up North near Gurun exit. My dad was still working in Alor Star then. My brother studied in Sg Petani and he was on his way back. And that's when the tragedy happened, it was almost 1am.
But we only found out almost Subuh, why? Sebab the address on arwah Lan's IC was still our KL house. It took "forever" for the police to get to us, hinggalah they found his driving license which had our AStar home address. (note to all: make sure your IC has your current address ya)
The rest...was too heart wrenching to tell...


Happy Birthday Irmy Umaira!

And she turns SIX today. How time flies. When she woke up this morning, she asked for her flowers. She wants roses, and nak satu saja. Sungguh tak demanding. I am planning to get her the Haramiku (eh, betul ke ni) makeover set and the roses she wanted. Or maybe a potted rose from Ikea, will see how.
And... We are taking her to Laman Kasih tomorrow night. To try out the food and lepak with friends and my parents, if they can come. I don't mind, it is a last minute thingy pun.
So watch this space for pics at Laman Kasih, hubby's friend is taking pics for us. Yey!!

The Naughty Boy We Love

Ni kena marah sbb tolak stroller jatuh kat tangga, during Pcik Hammad's wedding at Putrajaya.

Tak lain tak bukan....Iqbal Umar. He has come to that stage where he would not listen when you say no. Just hearing "no" to him macam dengar "yes, go and do it!". Like this one incident, quite shocking to us actually. We were at a shoe store in 1Utama last weekend, hubby was looking for comfy working shoes, Umaira was amusing Umar at the kids' section. Suddenly I heard a "commotion" where Umaira was trying to get a girl's displayed sandal from Umar. Before you know it, he ran out from the store and threw down the sandal to the level below. I shrieked! Umaira shrieked! Daddy was running towards them. LUCKILY, there was no one sitting at the dining tables down below. I mean seriously, he could have caused a stir! I was imagining the Mohd Azis family being banned not only from the dining place, also from the shoe store or even worse, from 1Utama. *faints*
We scolded Umar, we have to. He cried a little. And we thought that was it, he's not going to ever repeat this again. Come Monday, me and hubby was still on leave, we took the kids to Zoo Negara. Daddy bought them each a lollipop just to keep them amused. Bila Umar dah "setel" makan lolly, I told him to pass the stick to me, so that I can throw it properly. He looked at me, walked fast to the deer cage, and THREW IT IN THERE!. Again, I shrieked, scaring the omputih tourists nearby. They even gave me a look, as if I had "failed" to teach my son proper ways to throw rubbish. Agggh!! Ok, it's just me being paranoid, they were nice people. So yes, I deeply apologize to Malaysians and Zoo Negara for my little son's behaviour. Ampun ya.....

Yey! Dah ada Passport!

This was almost a canceled plan, but we went ahead and do it (sebab dah janji ngn mama Rumi sama). Memang kiasu abes, sebab we went to Imigresen Shah Alam on Sunday. 7.30am dah arrive kat Kompleks PKNS, hoping tak ramai orang. Luruh jantung gak bila tengok parking agak penuh and we saw other parents pun bawak anak2 kat situ. Takkan pi shopping plak kan. Memang tepatlah kegusaran tu sebab sampai tingkat dua tengok the lines was zig-zagging till the toilet!!! Dah sampai punya pasal, beratur je lah like everybody else.
But Alhamdulillah, hubby managed to pull some cables (apa guna ada contacts kan) and the officers helped us with our passports.
Where are we heading to with our red book? We dont actually know just yet. They are a few destinations in mind, but am not sharing it here just yet. Takut tak menjadi, buat malu jek...
(tima kaceh officer N*zri **izi for helping us)
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