He may not be somebody I personally know, but Al-fatihah to Arwah Mohd Ikhwanul Ashraf Datuk Manja. Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat kepada rohnya, dan tempatkannya di kalangan orang yang dikasihi-Nya.
(sangat sentap when ustaz baca talkin tu sebut "Wahai Mohd Ashraf binti Norzita".)

nota kaki untuk anakanda bertiga: Datuk Manja Ismail is Daddy's ketua rombongan meminang masa Mummy and Daddy bertunang dulu ya...He and his wife are the most loving couple I know, and he is known to be very close to his children.

Remuk hati 25 March 2010: Saw picture of the ruined car, it broke my heart. It must've been worse for arwah's parents.

I had a brother once. He passed away in the month of September of 1999. He was 19 then, studying in college, finishing up his final project before graduation. He was the only son in our family. He left home that night after returning my car, insisting he needed to go back to his hostel to finish up his last assignment. I tegur dia "why are you so wangi-wangi? Nak jumpa awek yaa?" That was my last usikan apparently, as his "awek" is Allah SWT, coz he met HIM a few hours later.
His motorcycle berlanggar belakang lori yang kami percaya was parked there tanpa sebarang alatan keselamatan yang sepatutnya. And the lorry "left" him and his friend on the side of the road ya. It was a hit and run yang terbalik.
This happened at kilometer 77.5 of PLUS highway, up North near Gurun exit. My dad was still working in Alor Star then. My brother studied in Sg Petani and he was on his way back. And that's when the tragedy happened, it was almost 1am.
But we only found out almost Subuh, why? Sebab the address on arwah Lan's IC was still our KL house. It took "forever" for the police to get to us, hinggalah they found his driving license which had our AStar home address. (note to all: make sure your IC has your current address ya)
The rest...was too heart wrenching to tell...



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