The Ugly Lines

Like any woman yang dah bergelar ibu, antara isu/dilema/perkara yang paling tak disukai/naik menyampah is stretch marks. It has been bothering me more lately. Especially time puasa ni, donno why rasa sangat gatal, nak garu sampai luka pun ada! So each time I "belek" my ugh-so-lovely stretchies, I always like to buat hubby rasa bersalah (don't tell me u ols tak pernah buat). It's one of those all-your-fault statements yang saja nak mencabar jiwa, n saja nak cari pasal/gaduh.
Biasanya hubby akan senyum dan cakap "u shud b proud of it. itu yang buat you wanita sejati." Wah! Adakah saya nak jadi wanita sejati with lots of stretchies. Macam tak boleh percaya jek. Bukan the image/ideals of a wanita sejati ada ala ala rupa macam Miss Universe ka? Siapa taknak jadi wanita sejati yang berjaya, berkarier, beranak pinak (I am always proud of my status as mom of three kids at this age) and ada harta serba sedikit? And I also want to be flawless dari segi kecantikan. Iyolah, tak mungkin lah flawless, but kalau takde stretch marks? Yes please!!!!
So semalam, buat lagi perangai gediks melampau belek stretchies and buat statement gediks melampau yang sengaja menyakitkan jiwa hubby. But I like his answer this time "Setiap garis itu adalah pahala you..." Bergenang mata mak!! Terima kasih hubby... Doakanlah it works that way for me ya. Mwahs!

Super Focused Mission

On Sunday, we launched a really important mission - to buy Daddy's and Umar's baju melayu utk Raya. Targeted location: Jln TAR. Targeted time of arrival: 10am. The plan: Sampai terus beli dan terus cabut. And we did just that. Itupun I saw a huge crowd waiting to get into Sogo at 9.58am, boleh? Guess I'm not the only kiasu mom kan? Haha.
We parked at Semua House (my fav place to park, walaupun parkingnya agak mahal). Sebelum jelajah TAR, Daddy said something really funny. "Let's enjoy the FEEL of Ramadhan di Jalan TAR." WTH? Nevertheless, the kids memang terbeliak mata, sebab it's their first time there. I'm more worried about pickpockets and the likes. My warning to the kids "pegang tangan Mummy/Daddy, ramai orang jahat." I know it's not nice/right/good to scare children but I am more afraid of losing them in KL.
Initial plan to get the bajus in Wisma Yakin. But on the way tengok ada gerai dah buka so we went to the most pleasant and welcoming gerailah. We were there for 15 -20 minutes je rasanya. Umar tried his baju, good size. Daddy picked his. And our "damage" was only RM150. Not bad kan? Itupun Daddy used his first-customer-you-must-give-me-the-price-that-I-want tactic we always apply kat Pasar Payang. Tak sangka it works the same in KL. yes.. It was definitely a fruitful Sunday. And we arrived home at 11.30am. Coolness!

Ulfa: I am a cute little supermodel pose. Umaira: Me good girl. Umar: Don't mess with me or my sisters ya!

No, this is not my 15th outfit!

And the biggest surprise I got was THIS! This bangunan! This is now IPD Dang Wangi!! Mind you, I used to be a crime journalist. I always had to go to Balai Campbell, which housed a small office. I reported my missing purse when I was in uni there (I hated the officers then, so kerek!). But now, that little office the called a balai has a tall condominium-like quarters with its own masjid. Sungguh cantik!

A Blissful Weekend

Yes it is, indeed! I think my prayers are answered. I really wanted a long weekend and by far, today (ok semalam,sbb it's already half past midnite) felt really long. Lepas Subuh, I managed to hybernate till 11am, memang puas and sangat best. Managed to rearrange the fridge magnets and lap habuk mana yang boleh.
Yes, Mummy loves the word (and) hybernate and feel that I deserve it after a tiring week in the office. That is what keeps me sane. Note to readers: Takde alasan untuk kata u got no time for urself. YOU HAVE TO MAKE TIME. Memang boleh punya. I got three kids and they "allow" me to have some Me time. And I love them to the very bones sebab benarkan Mummy be "selfish" every Saturday. Mmwahs!!
Apakah plans for Saturday? I am thinking of kawtim-ing baju melayu Daddy and Umar. Risau sebab baju depa jek tak settle lagik. The girls dapat baju kurung from their gparents, beli kat Vietnam, sungguh cantik and comfy. Can't wait for them to pakai! This year memang takde tema rona. Coz the girls baju are bluish, Mummy plak lilac. So Daddy and Umar will most probably be in their own rona. Keputusan di tangan Daddy. Don't think we are taking any formal family photo pun. For once, bagi Daddy plak buat decision, boleh? Hehehehe...Tapi kat mana la plak nak cari? Ada berani pi area TAR? Peggghh... Agak suicidal tu. My theory is this... Pacak kat kedai tu as they open, get what we want and leave! Takyah ronda2, takyah survey. Kalau the one that we cari is within the bajet, amik jek. That has always been my tactic for shopping.
Oklah... better get some rest before sahur comes. Ni neskepe punya penangan lah ni. Takleh tidur terus. I'd probably continue reading The Secret Shopper's Revenge (Kate Harrison) now. Nity nite!

Happy Birthday Iqbal Umar

It's Thursday! And according to the ticker kat sebelah, Umar is officially three years old today. But there will be no celebration sebab satu, Daddy is working late. Dua, it's fasting month, Tiga, we already had the cake cutting last weekend. So kira kaw tim lah tu.
Tersentap kejap bila Umaira cakap "Umar dapat satu birthday present je, dari aunty Malyn." Erks! Need to explain to her, it's not the number of presents that count. But kids, what do they know. Mummy umur tu pun asyik tuding jari minta itu ini as birthday present kan. I am lucky coz my parents bought me a lot of things that I like, and now kira lucky coz my kids bukan jenis suka mintak barang. Hehehe... But for Umar, and as a treat to the girls as well, I will take them to the book store lah. Can't say no to books. :)
So yes, Happy Birthday beloved Son. Sekejap je dah tiga tahun. Kalau ikut time ni (3.20pm), lagi dua jam three years ago sudah keluar lah itu boboy, 3.3kg. Now dah nyaris 18kg kot! Haihh..bertuah...

Umar Is Turning Three!

But before we talk about that, what happened during the weekend. It was super-packed, that's for sure. Even on Friday evening, Mummy was running around picking up the cake, buying more goodies for the party pack, getting paper plates and plastic fork. And before bed, I was packing for Saturday's event, which was:
1. Daddy's World Cup Berita Harian event 8am till 2pm.
2. Tok Baba's and Tok Mama's family gathering cum tahlil cum doa selamat cum birthday celebration for Umar.
And after all that, we couldn't overnight at Baba's coz we had Aunty Nana's brunch/potluck Bendits gathering on Sunday morning. Nasib baik Mummy tak janji nak bawak a full meal, just fried chicken. And thank god for Bibik kalau tak memang Mummy senget!!

Umaira joined the colouring competition during the BH World Cup event.

Umar pun tried, but he enjoyed mematahkan mata pensel even more!

Ulfa and her colourful meow. Ears in yellow and orange, the inside mouth was blue and the body is in black and purple! Splash of clashing colours, but she won a bigger Milo pack than Umaira, boleh?

Umar memang hebat main bola! Sampai ada uncles suruh dia main for their team. Natural born sportsman lah.

That night, we celebrated Umar's birthday with my cousins (yes, those little ones are my cousins ya). He's turning three this Thursday!

Umaira and Sophie quickly became besties during brunch at Aunty Nana's house on Sunday. Sexy girl that Sophie, and look at the pose - to die for kan?? Umaira looks very pretty here. Love you daughter!

Umar got a galactic toy gun for his birthday, from Aunty Malyn. Then he found Buzz Lightyear (loaned by abang Arman), what a perfect match!
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