Super Sunday Blues

Do you know what it takes to get me writing here? Rasa cemburu. Jealous sbb a friend rajin her blog. Bukan panjang lebar pun, but she does it. Me? Lupa. Takde idea. Lupa. Malas pun kdg2 ya gak. Lupa. Sindrom lepas beranak? Maybe. Lantak.

Today, worst day for a Sunday (why cant I just say the worst Sunday), coz we cant do any outdoor activites (mcm la buat pun). Haze yg sangat sangat sangat teruk. I live in a hilly (such word?) area, with lots of trees, pencemaran too dahsyat lah. And we do get kabus here okay. None of that now. I hope the jerebu berambus soon. We hate you. We dont need you. And yes, we are now dgn padan-mukanya is reminded to take better care of our environment. Noted. 

So we are now in a state of emergency. Well, atleast the kids dont have to go to school. We parents still have to tempuh the haze tomorrow. Good luck to us!

And oh, even Mr Cat is not allowed outside. 

So here's to a better week ahead. Amin.
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