Weekend Tarak Daddy

Daddy pulak away, media trip with MAS to Dhaka, Bangladesh. We think it's the most mencabar press trip ever sebab tak tahu kenapa, Daddy had to handle sendiri urusan visa with their embassy, and it wasn't smooth sailing, at all! Rasanya, kalau nak press trip to Amerika pun tak payah gitu. Sheesh.
N'ways, Daddy dah selamat sampai sana pepagi buta tadi, he's flight was at 10.30pm last night. Sempatlah family dinner at Mahboob, Bangsar dulu before we sent him to KL Sentral. We hope Daddy brings back kain cotton cantik utk buat baju raya, no money means less expectations hehehe...
Setakat ini, Umaira is super in love with Cheese Naan. This week, she already belasah empat keping kot. And kalau share dgn Umar and Ulfa, memang tak cukup boleh? Takpelah, yang penting selera baik punya.
Umar is recovering from the mosquito bites. I was praying it won't have any aedes traits there, syukur Alhamdulillah, all clear!
Ulfa seperti dirinya sendiri. All cute and always nak manja, geram budak comel underweight tu!
And oh, semalam odway amik Mummy kat opis, Umaira gaduh besar dgn Umar in the car coz the Boboy tak bagi kakak duduk depan. Sampai Umaira keluar statement "Kalau Umar notti2 macam ni, besar nanti jadi (pen)curi." Aiyoyorrrr... Dah marah sangat lah tu. Heheh...Gurau bewak namanya....

Balik Terengganu & Father's Day 2010

Memang lama nak bergebang kat sini, but tak sempat sebab biasalah, after a "long" holiday, had to settle whatever's pending in the office. So here I am, nak cerita balik mana yang tak tercerita. I took leave from 16-18 June sebab Daddy nak sesangat balik ziarah his siblings in Tganu. Berangan nak balik sesubuh buta tapi sebab Mummy ada event the night before (I was emceeing for Cosmo's Hot Date event) that ended quite late, and once settled packing it was already almost 2am, we were only on our way at almost 9.30am, after breakfast.
Thankfully, the journey was wonderful I am still thankful! Mendung jek, Daddy pun tak rasa letih drive sebab it wasnt too hot. By the time we reached Serada, it was already raining, and it rained all night, memang nyaman jek tidur. Letih punya pasal, and sebab heavy dinner made by SILs, kol 10pm semua dah tak larat buka mata, boleh?
Esok pepagi, kanak2 riang tu dah bangun sebab semua excited nak pi pantai, promised them some good action kite-flying session. By 10am we were at PPayang, must go early in the morning to avoid crazy shoppers and heavy traffic by noon. (Tip: if jadi first customer at a shop, you can tawar harga and the owner has to follow ur price, if dont want to rugi whole day. This is only applicable during non-school holiday ya. if cuti sekolah means, bo layan!)
Also, you must try the mee sup at the food court. super sedap man! Makan sampai lupa amik gambar, sorry ya. Umaira plak balik sana, sedap makan nasi - nasi ayam, nasi with ikan singgang, then nasi ayam...
After brunch, we got out of Payang and terus ke Pantai Batu Buruk. Memang keje gila duduk situ tengahari buta, but thinking it may rain in the evening like the day before, redah saja lah! It was worth the trip coz the pantai looks super nice and clean, the weather wasn't too hot because of the breeze. We bought ice cream from A&W, sat on the pavement (under the trees ofcourse), and let the kids enjoy kite flying and main pasir. Layan je lah, sekali sekala balik kampung. Another good thing about the "spot" we picked was the free wifi from A&W itself heheheh...Ada one group of sekolah menengah kids, campur girls and boys siap beli KFC tapau and lepak belakang kitorang. Selamba!
Petang sampai rumah (SIL still at work, BIL yg keje malam keluar plak), terus pengsan anak beranak kat the hall. Can't sleep in the room, too hot because of the zinc roof. Senja tu, tengok my other SIL buat kuih karas, memang me and Umar dok belasah panas2. Gila sedap. We even bought RM10 from her to sell at Daddy's office, and dua pack utk Mummy belasah. All those tepung, lantaklah hehehehe...Then off to rumah BIL which was three minutes away, sambung makan keropok keping pulak with sweet tea. Ingat nak suruh my nephew tolong potongkan rambut Umar, tapi melihatkan Zul was tired sebab baru balik keje, so tak jadilah. And I dont think Umar is going to be friendly to him for touching his front hair.
Malamnya, lepak makan. But not all was there, Umaira was pretty upset coz she enjoyed having everybody at Tok's place for dinner. But later, Ayah Long came with Niki, the cute little furball of Izatul. Bila usik kata nak bawak Niki to KL, Izatul buat aksi drama air mata gegila. The poor girl. Maksu pun tak laratlah bela kucing, rumah kecik and tak tahan bau busuk ittew! (Like I didn't use to have three persians before I had Umaira, sheesh!).
On our way back to KL on Friday (also mendung all the way, syukur) we stopped at this super-fabulous tpt lepak called Mesra Mall in Kerteh. I was so surprised to see the shops kat situ - ada Toys r Us, supermarket TMC (Giant's own), Big Apple Donut, UBowl (bowling centre), Starbucks, Tanamera Spa, and soon...TGV Movies!!! Gilalah!!
All in all, it was a superb 3D2N in Terengganu, and I know my kids loved it best. Pictures to roll...

Breakfast at Mark's Laksa in OU on Father's Day. Before we went for Toy Story 3.

Those red spots on his face? Bekas gigitan nyamuk Terengganu hehehe...
Ulfa with Niki. She will be a great mom!
At the beach, Umar tak tahan angin laut!
Ulfa's kite-flying!
Umaira too!
Mummy tumpang sekaki.
Lovely Umaira enjoying the breeze.
Why there is a Father's Day, sebab Daddy pandai layan anak2.
Silhouette of my children.
Boleh jadi baby nombor empat ni. geram!!!
Ni memang manja Mummy!

Umar is trying to terrorize the poor kitten hehehehe....

First time out

Next movie: Toy Story!!

Daddy helped feed the bird.

Mummy and Umar at the noisiest cage.

Me and my children. Umar is actually half of me!

After a long time terperap di rumah dek penangan HFM, we finally took the kids out. Tak tahan tengok Umaira dah muncung mulut sebab she was the one who recovered first, so I can so understand how bored she must be at home. We wanted to watch Shrek at Cineleisure, but apparently it was out of that cinema since two weeks back, boleh? Not to waste our prescious trip out, we bought Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang tics instead.
While waiting for the movie to start, like another 2.5hours lagi, had lunch and jalan2 tengok Bird Park in Ikano, which is nothing compared to the real KL Bird Park, but it was cooling so I shoudln't be complaining at all. And we realize, Umar sejak baik demam ni, TIDAK MAHU BERJALAN SENDIRI ya. He will insist that either me or Daddy kena dukung dia. Imagine carrying a 16 kg kid for many many minutes. I gave me three minutes top!! Cannotlah, carrying badan sendiri pun dah satu cabaran, what more another 16kg?? Haha! Unless I dont mind leaving him at the spot that he insist to stop till someone else, selain me or Daddy, to amik dia, there's no way we can escape his I-want-to-be-carried tantrums. I should check if I manage to lose weight, kan?
Back to the movie, Umaira didnt like it, Ulfa slept almost towards the end, Umar was good at first, because we had food to stuff his mouthg. When we ran out, he started babbling for the cinema to hear. Sabar je lah! But me, I loved it! I cried twice lagik! Over, kan? Kalau setakat nak layan movie ringan2 with lots of good lessons, silalah tengok. Banyak jugak part yang kelakar. Maybe my kids didnt enjoy it as much, coz they're so used to watching TV in American accent. But it was great seeing Maggie Gyllenhaal in rags. Hehe...

Daddy's a winner!

Daddy got a call from the PR of UKM who invited him for an award giving ceremony. For the first time in his almost 10 years of being a journalist, he is awarded for his job. Being recognized is simply great n we're thankful for this. I am writing this in the ballroom of le meridien hotel, waiting for the award/event to start. Soon, we will find out what Daddy won! Tungguuuuu...and btw, umar n ulfa kena hfm (hand foot mouth disease). They're recovering, n hopefully real soon sbb next week, we're planning to balik tganu!!

Daddy menang hadiah saguhati for an article on Mat Rempit based on a research done by a UKM prof. Yey!! Rezeki murah. :)

...Tiada yang pengalah

Ulfa with kakak Umaira

Umaira with her principal, Teacher Susan.

We had fun (despite rushing for time sebab took half day leave jek)! Registration starts at 10.15am then off to the playground to run and play. Ulfa and Umar were there too, paid RM10 each (usual price is RM34 per kid, me think). Kizsports at OU is HUGE! So memang puaslah berlari berkejaran. And despite having so many screaming kids running here and there, it was still very comfortable.
And I get to meet Umaira's friends from school! She used to be close to Alia Alissa from her days in K1 Tulip, now that she's a fellow Dolphin-er in K2, her good friends are Nadrah, Sumaiyah and Lee Wen (if I get the spelling correct).
When I saw all the medals on the table were gold, kesimpulannya mudah saya - everyone's a winner. And it was just a day out for the teachers and children.
Cherish the memories!

Life In Real Colours

Explored my "young" camera and I found interesting stuff in it. I love this Classic feature! And the "actor/actresses" in it, memang pandai berlakon. Hehe...
BTW, tok Mama and tok Baba dah pindah KL. Yeyyy!! The kids memang suka gila, and each time we go to Cheras, the environment is totally holiday-like. The kids eat more, Umar plak gila naik turun tangga. Maklumlah, rumah Mummy takde tangga. Biar dia exercise and keep fit. But Nenek Oji and Nenek Ju memang geram tengok badan Umar yang bambam when they helped tok Mama kemas barang last weekend. "Macam mana badan leh bulat ni??" Hehehee...tengok Mummy laaaa...

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