Balik Terengganu & Father's Day 2010

Memang lama nak bergebang kat sini, but tak sempat sebab biasalah, after a "long" holiday, had to settle whatever's pending in the office. So here I am, nak cerita balik mana yang tak tercerita. I took leave from 16-18 June sebab Daddy nak sesangat balik ziarah his siblings in Tganu. Berangan nak balik sesubuh buta tapi sebab Mummy ada event the night before (I was emceeing for Cosmo's Hot Date event) that ended quite late, and once settled packing it was already almost 2am, we were only on our way at almost 9.30am, after breakfast.
Thankfully, the journey was wonderful I am still thankful! Mendung jek, Daddy pun tak rasa letih drive sebab it wasnt too hot. By the time we reached Serada, it was already raining, and it rained all night, memang nyaman jek tidur. Letih punya pasal, and sebab heavy dinner made by SILs, kol 10pm semua dah tak larat buka mata, boleh?
Esok pepagi, kanak2 riang tu dah bangun sebab semua excited nak pi pantai, promised them some good action kite-flying session. By 10am we were at PPayang, must go early in the morning to avoid crazy shoppers and heavy traffic by noon. (Tip: if jadi first customer at a shop, you can tawar harga and the owner has to follow ur price, if dont want to rugi whole day. This is only applicable during non-school holiday ya. if cuti sekolah means, bo layan!)
Also, you must try the mee sup at the food court. super sedap man! Makan sampai lupa amik gambar, sorry ya. Umaira plak balik sana, sedap makan nasi - nasi ayam, nasi with ikan singgang, then nasi ayam...
After brunch, we got out of Payang and terus ke Pantai Batu Buruk. Memang keje gila duduk situ tengahari buta, but thinking it may rain in the evening like the day before, redah saja lah! It was worth the trip coz the pantai looks super nice and clean, the weather wasn't too hot because of the breeze. We bought ice cream from A&W, sat on the pavement (under the trees ofcourse), and let the kids enjoy kite flying and main pasir. Layan je lah, sekali sekala balik kampung. Another good thing about the "spot" we picked was the free wifi from A&W itself heheheh...Ada one group of sekolah menengah kids, campur girls and boys siap beli KFC tapau and lepak belakang kitorang. Selamba!
Petang sampai rumah (SIL still at work, BIL yg keje malam keluar plak), terus pengsan anak beranak kat the hall. Can't sleep in the room, too hot because of the zinc roof. Senja tu, tengok my other SIL buat kuih karas, memang me and Umar dok belasah panas2. Gila sedap. We even bought RM10 from her to sell at Daddy's office, and dua pack utk Mummy belasah. All those tepung, lantaklah hehehehe...Then off to rumah BIL which was three minutes away, sambung makan keropok keping pulak with sweet tea. Ingat nak suruh my nephew tolong potongkan rambut Umar, tapi melihatkan Zul was tired sebab baru balik keje, so tak jadilah. And I dont think Umar is going to be friendly to him for touching his front hair.
Malamnya, lepak makan. But not all was there, Umaira was pretty upset coz she enjoyed having everybody at Tok's place for dinner. But later, Ayah Long came with Niki, the cute little furball of Izatul. Bila usik kata nak bawak Niki to KL, Izatul buat aksi drama air mata gegila. The poor girl. Maksu pun tak laratlah bela kucing, rumah kecik and tak tahan bau busuk ittew! (Like I didn't use to have three persians before I had Umaira, sheesh!).
On our way back to KL on Friday (also mendung all the way, syukur) we stopped at this super-fabulous tpt lepak called Mesra Mall in Kerteh. I was so surprised to see the shops kat situ - ada Toys r Us, supermarket TMC (Giant's own), Big Apple Donut, UBowl (bowling centre), Starbucks, Tanamera Spa, and soon...TGV Movies!!! Gilalah!!
All in all, it was a superb 3D2N in Terengganu, and I know my kids loved it best. Pictures to roll...

Breakfast at Mark's Laksa in OU on Father's Day. Before we went for Toy Story 3.

Those red spots on his face? Bekas gigitan nyamuk Terengganu hehehe...
Ulfa with Niki. She will be a great mom!
At the beach, Umar tak tahan angin laut!
Ulfa's kite-flying!
Umaira too!
Mummy tumpang sekaki.
Lovely Umaira enjoying the breeze.
Why there is a Father's Day, sebab Daddy pandai layan anak2.
Silhouette of my children.
Boleh jadi baby nombor empat ni. geram!!!
Ni memang manja Mummy!

Umar is trying to terrorize the poor kitten hehehehe....


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