First time out

Next movie: Toy Story!!

Daddy helped feed the bird.

Mummy and Umar at the noisiest cage.

Me and my children. Umar is actually half of me!

After a long time terperap di rumah dek penangan HFM, we finally took the kids out. Tak tahan tengok Umaira dah muncung mulut sebab she was the one who recovered first, so I can so understand how bored she must be at home. We wanted to watch Shrek at Cineleisure, but apparently it was out of that cinema since two weeks back, boleh? Not to waste our prescious trip out, we bought Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang tics instead.
While waiting for the movie to start, like another 2.5hours lagi, had lunch and jalan2 tengok Bird Park in Ikano, which is nothing compared to the real KL Bird Park, but it was cooling so I shoudln't be complaining at all. And we realize, Umar sejak baik demam ni, TIDAK MAHU BERJALAN SENDIRI ya. He will insist that either me or Daddy kena dukung dia. Imagine carrying a 16 kg kid for many many minutes. I gave me three minutes top!! Cannotlah, carrying badan sendiri pun dah satu cabaran, what more another 16kg?? Haha! Unless I dont mind leaving him at the spot that he insist to stop till someone else, selain me or Daddy, to amik dia, there's no way we can escape his I-want-to-be-carried tantrums. I should check if I manage to lose weight, kan?
Back to the movie, Umaira didnt like it, Ulfa slept almost towards the end, Umar was good at first, because we had food to stuff his mouthg. When we ran out, he started babbling for the cinema to hear. Sabar je lah! But me, I loved it! I cried twice lagik! Over, kan? Kalau setakat nak layan movie ringan2 with lots of good lessons, silalah tengok. Banyak jugak part yang kelakar. Maybe my kids didnt enjoy it as much, coz they're so used to watching TV in American accent. But it was great seeing Maggie Gyllenhaal in rags. Hehe...


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