Happy Birthday Iqbal Umar

It's Thursday! And according to the ticker kat sebelah, Umar is officially three years old today. But there will be no celebration sebab satu, Daddy is working late. Dua, it's fasting month, Tiga, we already had the cake cutting last weekend. So kira kaw tim lah tu.
Tersentap kejap bila Umaira cakap "Umar dapat satu birthday present je, dari aunty Malyn." Erks! Need to explain to her, it's not the number of presents that count. But kids, what do they know. Mummy umur tu pun asyik tuding jari minta itu ini as birthday present kan. I am lucky coz my parents bought me a lot of things that I like, and now kira lucky coz my kids bukan jenis suka mintak barang. Hehehe... But for Umar, and as a treat to the girls as well, I will take them to the book store lah. Can't say no to books. :)
So yes, Happy Birthday beloved Son. Sekejap je dah tiga tahun. Kalau ikut time ni (3.20pm), lagi dua jam three years ago sudah keluar lah itu boboy, 3.3kg. Now dah nyaris 18kg kot! Haihh..bertuah...


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