Super Focused Mission

On Sunday, we launched a really important mission - to buy Daddy's and Umar's baju melayu utk Raya. Targeted location: Jln TAR. Targeted time of arrival: 10am. The plan: Sampai terus beli dan terus cabut. And we did just that. Itupun I saw a huge crowd waiting to get into Sogo at 9.58am, boleh? Guess I'm not the only kiasu mom kan? Haha.
We parked at Semua House (my fav place to park, walaupun parkingnya agak mahal). Sebelum jelajah TAR, Daddy said something really funny. "Let's enjoy the FEEL of Ramadhan di Jalan TAR." WTH? Nevertheless, the kids memang terbeliak mata, sebab it's their first time there. I'm more worried about pickpockets and the likes. My warning to the kids "pegang tangan Mummy/Daddy, ramai orang jahat." I know it's not nice/right/good to scare children but I am more afraid of losing them in KL.
Initial plan to get the bajus in Wisma Yakin. But on the way tengok ada gerai dah buka so we went to the most pleasant and welcoming gerailah. We were there for 15 -20 minutes je rasanya. Umar tried his baju, good size. Daddy picked his. And our "damage" was only RM150. Not bad kan? Itupun Daddy used his first-customer-you-must-give-me-the-price-that-I-want tactic we always apply kat Pasar Payang. Tak sangka it works the same in KL. yes.. It was definitely a fruitful Sunday. And we arrived home at 11.30am. Coolness!

Ulfa: I am a cute little supermodel pose. Umaira: Me good girl. Umar: Don't mess with me or my sisters ya!

No, this is not my 15th outfit!

And the biggest surprise I got was THIS! This bangunan! This is now IPD Dang Wangi!! Mind you, I used to be a crime journalist. I always had to go to Balai Campbell, which housed a small office. I reported my missing purse when I was in uni there (I hated the officers then, so kerek!). But now, that little office the called a balai has a tall condominium-like quarters with its own masjid. Sungguh cantik!


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