A Blissful Weekend

Yes it is, indeed! I think my prayers are answered. I really wanted a long weekend and by far, today (ok semalam,sbb it's already half past midnite) felt really long. Lepas Subuh, I managed to hybernate till 11am, memang puas and sangat best. Managed to rearrange the fridge magnets and lap habuk mana yang boleh.
Yes, Mummy loves the word (and) hybernate and feel that I deserve it after a tiring week in the office. That is what keeps me sane. Note to readers: Takde alasan untuk kata u got no time for urself. YOU HAVE TO MAKE TIME. Memang boleh punya. I got three kids and they "allow" me to have some Me time. And I love them to the very bones sebab benarkan Mummy be "selfish" every Saturday. Mmwahs!!
Apakah plans for Saturday? I am thinking of kawtim-ing baju melayu Daddy and Umar. Risau sebab baju depa jek tak settle lagik. The girls dapat baju kurung from their gparents, beli kat Vietnam, sungguh cantik and comfy. Can't wait for them to pakai! This year memang takde tema rona. Coz the girls baju are bluish, Mummy plak lilac. So Daddy and Umar will most probably be in their own rona. Keputusan di tangan Daddy. Don't think we are taking any formal family photo pun. For once, bagi Daddy plak buat decision, boleh? Hehehehe...Tapi kat mana la plak nak cari? Ada berani pi area TAR? Peggghh... Agak suicidal tu. My theory is this... Pacak kat kedai tu as they open, get what we want and leave! Takyah ronda2, takyah survey. Kalau the one that we cari is within the bajet, amik jek. That has always been my tactic for shopping.
Oklah... better get some rest before sahur comes. Ni neskepe punya penangan lah ni. Takleh tidur terus. I'd probably continue reading The Secret Shopper's Revenge (Kate Harrison) now. Nity nite!


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