Yey! Dah ada Passport!

This was almost a canceled plan, but we went ahead and do it (sebab dah janji ngn mama Rumi sama). Memang kiasu abes, sebab we went to Imigresen Shah Alam on Sunday. 7.30am dah arrive kat Kompleks PKNS, hoping tak ramai orang. Luruh jantung gak bila tengok parking agak penuh and we saw other parents pun bawak anak2 kat situ. Takkan pi shopping plak kan. Memang tepatlah kegusaran tu sebab sampai tingkat dua tengok the lines was zig-zagging till the toilet!!! Dah sampai punya pasal, beratur je lah like everybody else.
But Alhamdulillah, hubby managed to pull some cables (apa guna ada contacts kan) and the officers helped us with our passports.
Where are we heading to with our red book? We dont actually know just yet. They are a few destinations in mind, but am not sharing it here just yet. Takut tak menjadi, buat malu jek...
(tima kaceh officer N*zri **izi for helping us)


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