Happy Birthday Irmy Umaira!

And she turns SIX today. How time flies. When she woke up this morning, she asked for her flowers. She wants roses, and nak satu saja. Sungguh tak demanding. I am planning to get her the Haramiku (eh, betul ke ni) makeover set and the roses she wanted. Or maybe a potted rose from Ikea, will see how.
And... We are taking her to Laman Kasih tomorrow night. To try out the food and lepak with friends and my parents, if they can come. I don't mind, it is a last minute thingy pun.
So watch this space for pics at Laman Kasih, hubby's friend is taking pics for us. Yey!!


Mommy of Fiona et Thalia said...

Happy birthday sayang auntie!!!

BIG love from,

Auntie Zura, Uncle Farief, Fiona & Baby Thalia.

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