Umar Turns Two!

Sigh, he's two. This time two years ago, I was still in labour room waiting for the third miracle to happen. And it finally did at around 5.20pm. At 3.3kg, Iqbal Umar Mohd Azis was born, I was so overdosed by the happy gas, I couldnt actually hold him properly. But there he was on my tummy all bloody, after the "delivery". The most precious thing in our family, our first boy.
Now two years old, he has yet to talk fluently. Tapi beratnya, Subhanallah, 12kg, sama dengan Ulfa. Bak kata kakaknya: "Umar ni makan, berak, makan, berak..." Hehe, so true! This year, we are not planning to have a party for him (cian dia, sebab kakak2 suma dapat besday party). Maybe a quick dinner tonight sebab esok we are travelling to Kelantan for his Mak Nik's nikah on Friday. I need time (and energy) to pack everything.
So yes, Happy Birthday My Darling Umar. Mummy doa Umar jadi anakanda yang bijaksana, dan hidup diberkati selalu. Always be my darling ya....Mwahs!


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