School Holiday in Ramadhan!

It's here! The school holiday, which means Umaira get to spend more time with her baby sister and brother. She's still talking about meeting up with her school mates - Alia Alissa and Nadrah (hope Aunty got your name spelt right). But I know she loves "wrestling" with Umar or dancing infront of the telly with Ulfa.
At this moment, Daddy is home taking care of them. After the maid commotion last weekend, we are better off without one. I have never met the laziest most ngelat maid in my life, and believe me, I grew up with maids, so does my children. But the one sent for us memang nightmare for 4 days. We sent her back last night.
So here we are, maidless again, but happier. Ofcourse, we have tomorrow to think about. Poor dearies, I wish Mummy is a superwoman who can work and take care of you guys...
Tonight, taking them to Chili's for their ultimate favourite cheese pizza and mac and cheese. More cheese? Bring it on!


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