Accidentally TV-ed

i dont know how it happened, tapi our huge tv fell on Umaira's little feet when she was trying to change the channel manually. it fell in her right feet, and now her inside right ankle is bruising. after checking with the doctor, luckily there was no bones broken as she can still move her legs. but she refuse to walk coz it's very painful plus the fact that she's very traumatized. she was quite afraid that i would scold her for the tv, ofcourse i didn't. i was more worried bout her situation and her pain. my poor eldest baby.
text-ed her principal today, luckily all her homework for the long break was given yesterday. she's quite herself today, syukur. we have to bandage her feet, and thank god i have a helper walaupun dah berumur, dia sangat kuat to carry my 20kg eldest.
my other worry is that Umar will stop bugging Umaira (he loves knocking her feet, sengaja plak tu!). knowing Umaira she's not the kind yang akan buat balik, unlike Ulfa. but she will cry lah... Now i wish i was at home. sigh...


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