Weekend Getaway - Melaka

No, we're not there yet. But we're taking the kids tomorrow. It was all very last minute actually and we were invited by tok mama and baba. Sekali gus antar maksu Nano back to MMU. I made bookings at Everly Resort Hotel Melaka via www.booking.com. The rates seem reasonable and cheaper than the hotel's official website, which is weird. Tapi takpe, akan diberitahu jika ada hidden charges kat mana2. But looking at the hotel online, nampak gempak. Harap2 bukanlah indah khabar dari rupa. I soooo want to take the kids jalan2, sebab cuti sekolah lepas they didnt get a proper holiday.
Tonight after mummy jenguk muka kat murai.com's party, will take the kids out for dinner and get Umaira a better pelampung. I know for sure there will be much swimming session at the hotel. And I can't wait for the ikan bakar session and adik cakap, nak bawak pi cruise after dinner. Wah!!
And next month - Hard Rock Hotel Penang!!!! Bookings made, but too bad we can't stay for two nights. It is full!! Itupun dah guna kabel baik punya, directly thru their PR person. Sekali sekala guna status yg tak berapa ada ni kan...I know the kids will have loads of fun there. Ops!! Mama baru text, we're staying in Cinta Sayang Sg Petani the night after HRPenang. Best jugak tu...Can karaoke!! Have a great weekend ahead u ols!


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