Khadeja Ulfa is FOUR

My darling Khadeja Ulfa is four! Yeay! Thanks to Daddy for making it extra special for us. Thanks to miracookiss for the beautiful birthday cake ( I ordered the Red Velvet flavour, highly recommended for those with sweet tooth, Umar loved it! We cut the cake at Beranang, finally the kids get a chance to celebrate with their Terengganu cousins. And kebetulan plak, birthday Mak De is coming soon, it was a double celebration for both girls. This year, we got Ulfa a dinosaur jigsaw puzzle which she loves. Tak sangka anak mummy ni suka main puzzle. Boleh enhance skill mengingat, menyusun and takdelah nak kacau sangat kan hehehehe....
So Happy Birithday darling. Hope you enjoyed your day and mummy's sorry sebab tak dapat buat birthday party. Yang penting is us being together. Mwahs!!


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