When I Get Thirsty...

Tiba2 teringat, Umaira told me got this boy from her class who teased her about wearing a "bra". Mind you, she's only 7, no bras required, yet. She wears a camisole under her baju kurung, so I guess the boy thought it's considered a "bra". Either that, his pretty disturbed sebab pernah nampak mak or kakak or somebody in his house wear them. The poor kid, but it's still no excuse for him to ejek my girl. So this is this is the answer I gave Umaira in case budak tu kacau lagi:

"Awak teringin pakai ke? Nanti saya bagi ek." Lantaaakkk!!

This is what my Papa taught me when this one kid suka bebenor usik me during our bus rides home, masa sekolah rendah:

"Dia kacau2 awak tu sebab dia suka awaklah..." ERKSSS!! That. Is. So. Weird!


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