Selamat... Cuti Sekolah!

Yeah... Masanya untuk enjoy the light traffic in the morning (hope I'm not speaking too soon), takyah keluar rumah pepagi buta to send them to school, can sleep a bit later than usual, not to worry much about homework... Dont you just love the holidays?
The downside to it is Mummy tak holiday pun, tetap kena keje kan. But I'm taking leave soon. Got a family trip planned. I can't wait.
A lot has happened lately - I finally got my Mother's Day gift from abang misai tersayang (tenchu baby); Umaira had her first KSSR exam, there's another one in September kalau tak silap. Tak tau lagi apakah resultsnya. Tapi katanya; "Ingatkan susah, senang je..." Ewah... Sedapnya cakap, but harap2 betullah dia boleh buat. Dah janji siap dengan ayaq mata I will give her what she wants if she gets all A. Actually I hate promising such things, I try to avoid them takut tak terfulfill, sian kat budak. I like giving them surprises instead. Tapi ari tu, sebab dia "bekukan" otak bila kita nak ajar, terpaksalah cairkan with such promise. Sigh...
And oh, we went to the funnest birthday party by far. Will upload pics soon with details. Memang cun and creative.
Ok time to sleep. Saja singgah to dust the space. Ada skit OCD. Mwahs!


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