Another engagement, the last one too!

My youngest sister, aini liyana got engaged yesterday. We had it at my place in Alam Budiman. Despite the two weeks confirmed notice, it was actually quite sempurna. Food was good, perjalanan majlis pun lancar and family got together. Lagi plak I havent actually raya-ed with them sbb balik tganu.

The best part is two neighbours buat open house serentak timing. Dah jadi enam khemah kat situ. First neybor buat tahlil and open house. 2nd neybor but birthday party and open house and ours lagik? Dahsyat and lorong kitorang lah winner semalam heheheee... Yg sronoknya neybors jenis sporting and tolak ansur. Syukur dpt neybors yg best!

My fav picture setakat ni. Taken by Daniel, bdk sekolah yg suka photography. My cousin's son. Memang cantik and he takes every shot with care and he only displays the best. Yg ala ala tu dia simpan. Yg sbelah mama tu is his mom.

Lepas ni akan bz dgn mama papa nak pindah umah in shah alam, then kenduri Malyn plak. I cant wait!!

P/S: mini pelamin kat atas tu kami diy sendiri. Ok la kan for a majlis bertunang hehehehe... Jimat duit u ols!

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