Happy Birthday Irmy Umaira!

I became a mother for the first time today eight years ago. It's such a precious milestone for me and ofcourse my husband who also became a father. We love you Umaira!

And because today is the first day of school, we celebrated her birthday semalam (Happy belated birthday Arman!). Dan Alhamdulillah sebab Daddy ada rezeki lebih so we had a birthday party at McDonald's. She invited her close school friends and I ajak my cousins and kids.

Senanglah buat kat McD ni sebab takyah pening2 nak pikir party packs, games and food. Siap ongkos saja. Tips from me - buat time McValue lunch or dinner (tak sure plak if they have parties done at night) sebab time tu, sets are cheaper by almost two ringgit. Jimat banyak woh! (ambil kira tax and service charges ya). You just datang about 15 minutes before party time just to ensure the tables are ready, food pun dah ada and put the cake aside etc... tunggu je lah sambut tetamu.

Usually for kids, depa bagi a room for them, so parents ada reserved table just outside the door. And there's also a playroom for them kot nak pegi melalak berlari keliling mini playground tu. Layankan je lah... And meals for kids you have variety to choose from. We ordered the chicken burger for kids with fries and Coke (u can opt for Milo too, or do this - order 5 medium size Milo and serve them in smaller cups. Jimat!). The funny thing is their chicken burger is cheaper than ordering nuggets. So weird! And baru dalam menu, kalau taknak fries, you can opt for fruit pudding for an additional cost. And toys dalam Happy Meal bergantung kepada promo that month, we got SpongeBob Squarepants, memang bagus sebab it's unisex. Last month Umaira attended her schoolmate's bday party kat situ, it was some girly girl toy. Umar ngamuk nak boy toy. So Spongebob ni kira semua pun boleh terima la kan...

And makacih lah friends, aunties and uncles for the wonderful gifts for her. Ari tu dia hilang her favourite bag kat hotel in PD, where we went for a quick holiday. Muncung mulut sebab hotel tak berjaya locate balik her bag. Semalam dapat tiga Strawberry Shortcake bags, hamik ko. She was smiling ear to ear. Satu memang dia bawak to school, satu lagi dah plan nak bawak for her school trip this weekend. Tapi paling Mummy suspens, dia dapat a diary with locks. She's gonna start keeping secrets from us! Ke bagus sebenarnya ada jurnal ni so that she can write apa saja? I still keep my diary from zaman uni, sorok dari suami (opps!). Hehehehe... Tapi kalau dapat baca balik memang kelakar. There are things in there yang I myself forget, termasuk times with Arwah Lan. So in that sense, it's great keeping memories written and kept. So hopefully Umaira pun akan pandailah simpan great memories with us. :)


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