The latest edition to Azis and Anida household... Khaira Uzma Aisyah. Born on 15th January 2012, 3.25pm at 3.35kg, normal with lots of tear. Okay, kira dedua lah tears and tear hehe! She is worth all that pain - kena induce, pecah ketuban and crazy contractions, cucuk pain killer, two jabs to kecutkan rahim, lost count jabs to jahit the tear... Bak kata the nurse, redhakan saja ya dik. Hehe! Kena leyy.. Sudah 40 weeks in the tummy, doc didnt want to risk she terberak. And mmg pun! Lahir2 jek she berak! Close call!

Please welcome her and doakan she will grow up to be insan yg solehah dan elok sepanjang masa... Amin!


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