Mudik Lebaran 2013

Kami balik Terengganu. Mmg sudah perjanjian since kahwin, dua tahun sekali for raya is turn family Daddy. Bagus gak kids leh experience suasana berbeza aka kampung from their Dad's side. Raya dgn my parents mmg bandar abis. Ni barulah dpt tgok ayam itik bagai and ehem, merasa pasir masuk kasut. And I think Ulfa was a bit traumatised when she saw with her own eyes mcm mana ayam kena sembelih. Dah la Daddy lak tukang pegang. We had to explain that's just how things work. Selama ni tau ngap je kan...

And this time we are staying in Sofea homestay in Kg Atas Tol. For a homestay, I give it 4.5 stars for cleanliness, location and amenities. Memang selesa! 3 rooms n two baths. Airconds in hall and master. Kitchen pun quite complete. Got iron and ironing board annndddd a HUGE washing machine! Kalau tau mmg I dont need to pack so much. Recycle jek tshirts and jeans all.

And it's the last day of Ramadhan. Melancholic skit. 

And I have a huge news to share. I shall do it when the time is right. For now, nak enjoy Ganu wehhhhh!


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