AlFatihah dear child

"Kesian baby Mummy"

Allah pinjamkan dia for almost 4 months ikut mummy ke mana2, to work, to events, interviews, redah jam, masuk meeting, lepek tengok Mr Arrogant...

Baby was confirmed without heartbeat on my birthday. I was devastated then. And semalam selesai sudah proses forced labour, melahirkan dgn penuh drama (didnt even make it to the labour room), dnc di bawah paras sedar (love and hate u ubat bius!)... Dan lepas Asar and just before the rain, suami selamat kebumikan our lifeless child whose sex cant be determined coz he/she was too small.

Alhamdulillah for suami, mama, papa, sisters, family and friends who were always there supporting me.

Love you so much my child. Doakan Mummy and Daddy dapat berjumpa denganmu di Jannah. Amin.


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