Mambo Italiano ala Umaira

(L-R) the itenary; Umaira and her girlfriends; Umaira enter-frames Alia Alissa & partner's pic hehe; Umaira n her Teacher Cynthia.
Umaira had her annual Krista concert at Sri KDU last Saturday (Oct 3, on Daddy's birthday!). I took (tok) Mama, Ulfa, Umar and our new maid (diff story) there. Daddy came a bit later coz he was working, but he managed to stop by for Umaira's performance, after covering PM's assignment in Sg Buloh (the air show).
How was Umaira? SHE WAS SO GOOD! I didnt know she was going to be at the centre of the performance. She was always secretive about her dance moves and only showed us the steps ONCE at home. Even Cynthia (her class teacher) praised Umaira, and said she's a really good dancer. Yey! I can't believe my eldest has reached another milestone - my very own little dancer. :) Mummy is so proud of you Mayya...


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