Raya, Raya, Raya...

Menariknya raya tahun ni, we went back to Tganu, daddy's hometown pagi raya itself. Meaning, we had our raya in our own house for the first time ever. Which was interesting. Left home around 10.30am and reached umah tok at 4pm. Not bad huh? Tak perlu tempoh trafik jam yg ntah apa2 tu. phew!
Sampai2 terus beraya rumah maksu, ayah cik, mak teh and abg din. The kids memang sakanlah telan air soda oren sampai nak kena sorok! Especially Umar tu lah, selagi tak abis, minta tuang in his cup.
Raya kedua, sibuk with preparations for kak na's wedding (the kids' mak nik). The girls enjoyed helping out with the bunga telur while Umar played with his older cousins. Memang tak beraya mana, stayed at home saja.
Raya ketiga, the wedding day. Daddy sibuk kat dapur with his uncles and aunties, while we tolong what we can in the house. It was hot! But surprisingly the kids endured it all. Seronok tengok mak nik kena make up sama...
Raya keempat, still in Terengganu. Time to clean up the house. Petang skit we went to Atas Tol, rumah daddy's mak nik. Then to daddy's high school teacher's house (which smelt like the umah kucing hehehehe...)
Second last day in Serada baru dapat properly berjalan raya to cousin's open house, auntie's place etc. And sempatlah singgah our favourite mini market Nirwana to replenish susu and food.
Friday, off to Endau with 6 other cars. Convoy of the lilac ribbons as I like to call it. Coz I had to make ribbons to put on each car, as reference when driving nanti.
Here's a "sample" of the ugly ribbon I made, but that was my first try with just the tape, the rest i stapler-ed nicely. :)

At Endau, which we reached lepas 9 jam dalam kereta (pegh!), we didnt have a place to sleep mulanya sbb new BIL dgn "tak bijaknya" booked 5 chalet rooms for almost 40 of us! So we (my small family) decided to mengalah and went to a different hotel. Early Saturday morning, kami dah terpacak kat tepi pantai Endau and had to wait a wee bit sbb BIL family expected us at 11am and not 10am. Had breakfast (again, had hotel bfast earlier) then lepak at the beach. Took lovely pics, and paling best, the aunties also took photo shots di atas batu tepi pantai. Macam dolu dolu kala...
After "sending off" mak nik to her in-laws (the food was awesome!) we head back to KL, with less dirty laundry than expected (sbb tiap2 hari mummy mendobi tengah malam), rendang kering yg agak hangus (thanks mak teh), and memories half-filled with misteri nusantara...I am not even going to go there!
So here's a great AIDILFITRI to all of you. Mwahs!!


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