year end

tiru ayat orang lain...clear dust in the blog!
updates...It is the school holiday. Umaira is done with her K1 session, will move on with K2 next month/year. And it is her graduating year before she enters primary school. Cepatnya anak mummy membesar. What she's doing at home? Takes care of the little ones. She amuses them with her "classes", have been teaching to draw and colour. And like last night, she was excited to show me how she cleaned up the "work area" after they play. Good girl!

Tok Lang passed away, on 11th December 2009. He is my paklang, and all of us went back to Guar Chempedak to pay respects. We were supposed to go to PD for tok mama's family gathering tapi tak jadi la kan. The good thing out of it, the kids get to see Keisha and Aleyya again and get to bond with Deena. Seronok tengok kenit2 tu main. They treated Umaira macam baby...and Ulfa siap kena dukung. Bebel kenit kecik tu sebab tak puas hati kena dukung. "Ulfa dah besarlah mummy." Given that Keisha and Aleyya are the only child in their family, paham sangatlah kan keinginan nak ada adik tu kan.

And...How do you explain to your child, kenapa her uncle is holding hands with another woman? Yes... Sungguh keliru!


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