Disney comes to Krista

I can't wait to get home today, to listen to Umaira's stories on her day in school. Sebab hari ni, the Walt Disney Malaysia team datang her school untuk promote the Princess and The Frog film. She was excited all week long, and she mentioned about joining their colouring contest. I hope she wins something. Siap cerita, "Umaira tak kaler luar garisan Mummy..." Alahai...
(Darn, baru call rumah. semua pun tidur...)
And we will be maidless next week, and luckily, Daddy can take the whole week off (sebab cuti dia melimpah ruah) to take care of the kids. Meaning, no more maid headache drama for me, for at least a week, yay!! And as such, I got to be the bibik again. I don't mind coz I miss having the house to myself once more.
BTW, Ulfa sudah pandai main gunting untuk "barber" her hair ya. Bertuah sungguh. Patutlah Mummy tengok rambut dia makin layered. It looks good actually sebab she doesn't have that da*n straight hair like Umaira. Hers has soft curls at the end. So she kinda look chic (must take pictures!). What I'm worried is her playing with the gunting ofcourse. Mana dia dapat in the first place coz I always keep sharp things high and unreachable. And what is my maid doing all the while??? Sheeshhh...Selain jadi hairdresses diri sendiri, Ulfa turut mem-barber rambut Umar ya. Ada lah dua tiga "lubang" kat kepala. Aduuuuuhhh....On the bright side, it saves me from hair cut fees (yeah rite!).


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