One Sunday Night

Elo...we're at Eastin tonight. Saja lepak with mama papa, the kids miss them a lot! To date, we just had two birthday cakes, one is an unofficial RM11 chocolate sponge cake I bought for the kids (umar) to cut (umar cincang, darn i forgot pics!) together. The second is Malyn's. Umaira picked it for her. A pink (duh) and white butter icing butter cake they cut together at Eastin after dinner. Umar (almost) got to cincang it.
And tomorrow, will be the official tok baba's 60th birthday cake cutting. We ordered a Toyota Camry chocolate cake from Kak Irma tolong deliver depan rumah lagik. Thank you! I love the look of the cake, all so clean and smart! It is now being kept by room service of the hotel. I dont want the kids to godek the cake in the room. I hope they will keep it nicely for us. The celebration tomorrow will be at a bowling centre in Shah Alam. Yet to find out where the exact place is. Bukan reti sangat area Shah Alam ni.
Pics will be in here once I get back to work on Monday. Nity nite!


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