Shopping Night

Umar doing his "move it, move it" routine. Hehe!

Our usual grocery night is on Monday instead of the weekend. The stock is fresher, less people on the que, the kids can enjoy the kids' trolleys, Daddy is usually on leave on Mondays so he can send Mummy to work and later fetch me before going to Tesco (our usual grocerer).

I heart these hairbands, bought it for the girls when we visited Old Blossom Box by Jezmine ( or last Sunday. Love at first sight for just RM18 each. And Mummy pun dapatlah angkut jaket "pengganti" for a much much much cheaper price. I like!


Mommy of Fiona et Thalia said...

Hahaha... Umar buncet chomel. Sama mcm Pooh kat baju dia tu. and the cute hairbands mcm bunny ears. They look so adorable in those hairbands.

UmairaUlfaUmar said...

go get one each for Fiona and Thalia, they're super adorable!

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