Let's heart Club Med

Club Med is especially "made" for family vacation. And Mummy is praying (and working) hard dengan harapan we can go to Club Med Cherating someday for a family holiday, dalam Malaysia pun jadilah. I can't imagine the price they charge for other Club Meds, kan. It's such a cool and superb place. Once you go in, no hassle to go elsewhere to find food or activities to do. Semua pun ada kat situ (www.clubmed.com)

The cute firefly lamp @ the Junior Club. It's so cool!
Juniors get to hang out!
Let's chill!
Welcome to the Kid's Club
Everything is true blue!
This is where the teenagers chill.
You can either surf the net, try out the drum set, play the guitar or just lepak and watch your favourite film. You can even bring your favourite DVDs too! Gila happening tempat ni...

I can so see Umar at the Petit Club (if we were to go there before he reaches 3 hehe). He would "terorrize" the place! I just love the mini wooden hut and there's even a kid's pool nearby. And they make sure the gates are always closed here, elak budak2 "escape" ke laut which is just a few metres away.
And I trust the GOs incharged are all trained personnel, and those assigned to the kiddies suma muka sayang budak2. :)
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