Nyaris Kecik Hati

The key word here is NYARIS. Haihh...(I think me is the PMS-ing, watch out!) Yesterday was a long day. Had the Triumph event in the morning, where mommy had to model their Shape Sensation products, some before and after thingy. Then went to the studio for a photo shoot, and after, lepak with the beautiful FFF talent, Sarah Joan Mokhtar in OU. To reward myself, I bought a pair of Charles & Keith, I so deserve it! (Wanted to get shoes and handbag in Bandung, hampeh!).
Got home, mulalah aksi lepek depan TV. Umar was overly active malam tadi sebab tidur siang, mula2 tu bolehlah layan tapi lama2 jadi rimas plak (sorry baby boy). After dinner, I was ready to give undivided attention to him, tapi dia plak buat sombong. And paling tak best bila he demanded that Bibik sleeps with him and the girls. Ewah! I don't really mind sebab Umar sleeps on the bed, and Bibik kat bawah. Tapi siap pegang2 tangan ni yang tak tahan!!
Maybe Allah heard my prayers, and tahu tak baik buat Mummy majuk so tetiba Umar menangis and I cepat2 masuk his room. Rupa2nya kena sound ngan Bibik sebab tumpahkan his milk. Bibik pun beria2 cakap she didn't beat him, ofcourse I know coz she's such a wonderful old lady. So Mummy pun baring dengan Umar, pujuk dia and this time, he didn't mind that I was hugging him. Mind you, my baby boy is no hugger at all ya. I held him sampai dia tertidur. Best gila!!


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