Happy Times

May all your days be as beautiful and magnificent as the rainbow pictured here. Mwahs!!
No, we didn't support Brazil this year (we love Espana, yey!), but these jerseys were gifts from Tok Baba. So cute la bila boria anak and bapak ni. Umar's jersey has Kaka's name at the back. Suka!
We were at Daddy's colleague's sons' (twins!) birthday. They had it at Tmn Tasik Titiwangsa. I never knew we can private events there, sangat best. Coz the day was breezy and the kids can run around freely. But ofcourse, kena watch out for strangers la kan?
Daddy and Umar with the birthday boys and parents. Happy one year old boys!
Me and my almost three year old boy. Geram!!
Yes, dengan tak malunya dia amik one of the twin's cars. Bila nak return balik, punyalah meraung. Macamlah dia takde satu kat rumah. Bertuah! And that pale, he brought from home.
A surprise for Mommy: I was away to Bandung for MAS familiarisation trip sempena their first flight there. I wasn't around for four days, and balik2 tengok....
Umar has no hair!!! I mean, adalah...but dipotong nombor tiga sebab Daddy kata, he took him to the barber and the boy didn't want to sit still. So sudah gonjeng sebelah, so terpaksalah zass semua buang. Haiiii...dah nampak macam budak notti!

Naruto in Lembang, (macam Cameron Highlands) in Bandung. On the way to Tangkuban Perahu. I should have bought one for my boy, tapi tak larat layan the sellers, suka sodok barang kat depan muka. Damn annoying. Amik gambar je lah...
Mummy at Candi Cangkuang. First time I paired the outfit like this, luckily it worked! Made me look slim padahal sangatlah tidaknya...wahahahahaa!
Here's the damages in Bandung, tak termasuk stuff bought in Pasar Baru (which happened 10 hours before departure). Stuff that I bought at Heritage Outlet, Chihampelas, Rumah Mode and Garut. Sekali sekala shopping and dapat sponsor ayahanda. Thank you Papa!


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