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XX Things I Remember About My Wedding Day;

1. I had 2,000 guests. Two freakin' thousand you!
2. I had the Sultan of Kedah and his brother there, and Raja Muda was a cute guy with great sense of humour. He asked Hubby what reporting is all about, Hubby told him the dog eat man story and he actually laughed.
3. My MIL (arwah now) had a minor heart attack when she menepung tawar us. I still feel bad coz I had to keep a straight face throughout. Hubby looked like he was ready to jump off the stage and abandon me at our "altar."
4. I didn't get any official photos with my best friends. Dang!!
5. They served grapes for dessert and I was worried about method of eating it. Use the fork and risk it flying to the guests?? Until I saw Raja Muda guna his fingers. Hahaha... Why was I worried again?
6. We rehearsed with the sort of "bendahara" of the Istana 3 hours before the actual reception. He was so strict, it was almost a stressful wedding, but we managed. Phew!
7. Disebabkan itu, I didnt get a chance to go home and change, had to change at the waiting room near the hall. Everything was brought over except for my jewelleries. Yup, I didn't have jewelleries on my wedding day.
8. For my wedding in Terengganu, I did my own makeup.
9. There were 15 cars sending me off to Serada. FUN!
10. We got 4 rice cookers as wedding presents. The wrappers for all our gifts went into two big bin bags. Imagine!
11. Do you know we can't say "Ya" (Yes) to a Sultan, but say "Tuanku" instead? So... "Tuanku" to you...


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