More Flowers Request - Answered!!

When I asked for more flowers earlier, tak sangka plak dimakbulkan. And like icing to cake, dapat dinner plak. Tambah ceri kurang kalori, dapat 4-5 waiters plak nyanyi happy birthday lagik. I never expected birthdays can be elaborated as such. And tak tahu napa plak Daddy sanggup go all out for my birthday this year.
Yesterday, he and the kids picked me up from work, took me to BSC. We chilled at Chili's, somehow makanan kat situ, walaupun I ordered the same thing, tasted way better than the one in OU. Tak pernah2 lah licin sepinggan tu, and kids had two plates of mac&cheese, gila lazat! Even the brownie with icecream (oh so sinful) sangat sodap!! Perut dah kenyang macam ke hapa pun masih leh sumbat.
Then oh, the lovely flowers. Memang berbunga-bunga jiwa bila dapat flowers. What can I say, I am a softie ahaks! Tip to Daddy; nampak macam Mummy majuk jek silalah persembahkan bunga, malam tu mesti lebih pemberian kasih sayangnya huahuahauaaaa..
*drumming fingers* Bilalah itu Aini Liyana nak email itu pictures of the cuppies that Aunty Malyn ordered for me. Sungguh best dapat cuppies oh so pretty, oh so nice. Will upload it here once I get them, and that may take time. Pics from Universal Studios trip pun masih pending. Haiihh...


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