Breathe In, Breathe Out...

Di kesempatan ini, I would like to apologize to my children cause Mummy's been so busy with upcoming events at work. Tomorrow is the Cosmo Fun Fearless Fabs awards, and tak nyempat2 la lepas tu ada opis punya krismas parti plak dah. Kalau takat pi parti duduk makan2, senyum2, renyih2 dapat hadiah and balik sedap jugak. But noooo...we have to prepare some sort of gig for the party. And the theme that our team got this year is GLEE! (goli den!) and somehow, and very crooked-ly, we got Anita Sarawak while the rest dapat Beyonce lah, Madonna lah, Lady Gaga lah. Apa kena mengena Kak Nita with Glee ni??
Tapi takpe, we must always take new things as a challenge (ingat tu anak2), so we're cooking up something really special that would blow the hats off the CEO. Ko pepandai bagi tema pelik2 kan, u sure will get a pelik gig from us. Bring it on!!


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