We Are Primary One

We're ready for orientation, bring it on!

Daddy's last chance to dukung anak. He's more emotional I think. :)

To be used forever!

Text and exercise books, nyaris siap dibalut.

Planner/Calendar for 2011 school year.

Not officially yet, coz that's gonna happen on Monday ni, but it feels like it's today sebab dah orientasi and siap kena buat assessment test bagai. No, Umaira didn't cry at all (or just yet). No, she wasn't running to me whenever she feels insecure in class. No, she didn't look lost at all! Don't know why I was expecting the "worse", so Alhamdulillah sesangat she was a-okay! But sedetik tadi rasa sebak, when the HM announced the kids need to line-up according to their class (she's in 1 Setia) and the teacher will walk them to class for the assessment. Satu, I thought I'd be the one walking her to class and dua, WHAT TEST lah?? Rupa2nya they want to see which kids need extra attention, kot takleh baca lagi etc... Oh, okay. I think she did okay coz she wasn't pulled out of the class.

Yang kurang bestnya, none of her kindy mates are in her class. Me and Zieda, Alia Alyssa's mom were quite disappointed, but the good side of it their classes are nearby and they are going back with Aunty Carol sesama.

Pictures from school today are up on FB http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=265533&id=548779721&l=2956084ca3. Check it out!


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