Apa Bikin Kat Rumah?

Took leave today. Kira emergency leave coz got a call from Ulfa's school cakap Ulfa muntah2 and badan dah panas. I was actually on the highway heading to Shah Alam for my appointment. So kenalah patah balik, anak punya pasal, apa saja. Memang pucat muka Ulfa when I fetched her from school. Straight to the clinic we went, and we were lucky Dr Lai didn't have any patients at that time and she wasn't close for the day.

She advised us to stop solids for Ulfa, milk pun takleh. Kena makan bubur and anything soft saja and 100 plus will do. Pegh, bestnya leh minum ayaq sedap time sakit! Kenalah ubat bontot satu, first time for us coz usually dapat oral meds. Reason being, she has to telan loads of oral meds, so biarlah satu masuk kot punggung.

Balik rumah, her fever got high. Suap fever meds and ubat for wind. She also got probiotics but that one kena makan after food so tunggu dulu. She was quite restless and couldn't sleep right away. Satu, may be because of the fever and dua, she was afraid Mummy keluar pergi kerja coz "Mummy tak tanggal makeup lagi!" Haiiihh...

After lunch, Daddy balik jenguk dia kejap. Memang sesuatu di luar jangkaan. But I truly appreciate it! Tenchu darlingku... And if Ulfa's still under the weather esok, it's Daddy's turn to take leave and tengokkan, he offered himself to the duty. Yey! Macam tu lah suami mithali. Dah buat anak sesama, kenalah jaga sesama ye tak yang? Hehehehehe...

Besides wishing for Ulfa's good health, I wish today wasn't that hot. Gila panas right now! Hope it rains tonight. Amin!!


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