Why We Need to Be Healthy, According to Ulfa

Because we miss school, katanya. She misses going out, she misses not being too lembik at home. Haiiihhh...Dah masuk empat hari Ulfa demam. This morning, we went back to the doctor, and this time she added on antibiotics on top of the prebiotics. Hamik ko! Kerja telan ubat jek lah. But I am confident that the meds are good for her, tapi sebab dia tu takde selera makan. Whenever she eats, macam anak burung makan. Tersiput, siput.

And she needs to be-ol as well. Tak membuang since demam, perut dah kembung kata doktor. My poor girl. No apetite to eat, now expected to pass motion plak. How lar?

But she still has her pot pet mouth. Like yesterday, I asked her if she has brushed her teeth. Demam pun demamlah, tapi takkan tak gosok gigi.

Jawapannya: "Gigi Ulfa cakap, tak payah gosok dia. Dia taknak."
Mummy cakap: "Pergi cakap kat gigi Ulfa, kalau tak gosok gigi nanti dia rosak. Then we go see dentist plak cabut dia, nak?"

Terus cik kak pi gosok gigi.


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