We moved!

10 Dec 2012; the Azis-Anida clan moved to the red brick house. Happy moment!

Moving tips:
If u cant take leave or is heavily pregnant or just plain lazy to pack... Use movers service. Google for Subalipack. We used them. Efficient, kerja kemas and cepat. They come and pack and buka ur perabot for u. Then at ur new house they help u pasang balik the furniture. Setel! The unpacking part u got to do lah. Mana plak depa tau nak letak mana bagai but they'll make sure the boxes are at the right area for u, easy peasy.

Besides adjusting to sleeping at a new place, I got major issues with driving so far to work. Journey on first day was so stressful I actually cried. But today was much much better. Weehoooo for nkve hehehee... But the dsara-sprint exit mmg mcm haram la jugak. Layankan jek...


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