Kids, I love YOU!

Super exhausted day! Hashtag workingmom.

Came home to my beautiful babies. And no matter how letih and lesu and mentally drained u are tak sampai hati nak taknak layan them. Their day wasnt eventful i'm sure coz masih school holidays tapi they looked like they had more fun than i did, for sure!

Lepas dinner, duduk jap kat sofa, umar came up to me with the tv remote. "Mummy nak change to 711?" Waaaaahh! Berbunga hatiku... He knew i need to destress. That's more than half the burden of my day gone!

Then we all lepak in my room. They were playing hide n seek. They thought it was hillarious that i said "i seeeeee youuuu..." Kelam kabut lari masing2 sambil gelak sakan. Like it's the funniest thing in the world padahal mummy cud only mengiring on the bed with her big tummy. Sekelip mata the stress of the day vanished.

Indahnya kurniaan that I have at home. And I promise myself, this will always be my priority. I work for my family, I dont do it for anything else. That shud keep me going. Bismillah and biiznillah I will get thru the week and the new year... Coz I have my prescious waiting at home.


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