Till death do us part...

And that was what this week all about. We lost my dear dear cousin Effendi Rodzi on. June 14th. Cause of death, heart attack. He was two days older than me. When we were younger, I was always the partner-in-crime to Kak Jana, his older sister. He will be my arwah adik, Azlan's partner. And Malyn gang dgn Ita. Everytime cutiskolah the six of us would travel together balik Guar nak lepak with maklang and paklang and our elder cousins. Our parents would send us sama ada naik flight or bas. Zaman tu flight fares were cheap.
Fendi and I were not only related by blood but we went to the same school and have the same circle of friends. I remember if Mama had something to pass to Aunty, I would have to go to his class and ask permission to see him and vice versa. 
Things changed when we both got older, married to our partners and had kids. Some family drama happened but no matter how twisted things become, we always still become as close like before. I always take the air dicincang takkan putus peribahasa to heart coz for me, I dont just come from a family of four, him and his two sisters are my siblings too. Somehow, you just can't tear the sevem siblings apart.
It was quite a surprise when I saw him at a gadget launch some time in early Feb. Said hi, chat a little and what shocked me the most was he insisted we take pictures together before we leave the event. Mmg terdetik dlm hati, this wasn't a habit or a ritual we practise. Yes there are family photos but it was really a big family photo. Itulah kenangan terakhir of me and him.
And now he has returned to his Creator. It shocked the family, to lose him dlm sekelip mata. Who would have thought. It broke his parents' heart and I always say it's heartbreaking when parents have to bury their own child, no matter what the circumstances. And for a wife to lose her soulmate. A child to lose her father. 
Mati itu janji Allah. It's how you terima dan redha so you can move on. I pray Allah gives strength to his wife and child, his parents, his siblings, his friends... You will be missed dear dear cousin, dear dear abang...
Semoga Allah tempatkanmu di kalangan orang dikasihiNya. Al-fatihah...


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