Things That I Don't Get (and will add as I go)

* Why hubby pergi letak his favourite selipar on the car and forgot all about it? It was in the middle of the main road of BSD when I saw it. Had to stop and jadi minah rempit in baju kurung lari tengah jalan to kutip benda alah tu!
* Why certain drivers suka keluarkan tangan dari tingkap while on the highway? Dia boleh hidup jika tangannya kudungkah?
* Kenapa sesetengah bos suka nak tanya perkara peringkat management pada "kuli", macamlah "kuli" tu tau sangat semua benda? Kang dapat salah info siapa yang padan muka?
* Why I need to menyinga to get attention? Isn't a sick child enough to show they need to pay attention?
* Why gemuk kids are super cute, but not gemuk adults?
* Why gaji masuk can hilang sekelip mata, but tak pernah pun sekelip mata boleh naik gaji?
* Why baju budak perempuan waaaay moreee happening than boys'?
(to be continued...)
later that day,
* Why they have to be so mean by comparing with unlikely-ugly-out-of-this-world things? Referring to polis fesyen 2010 sempena emi.

(On May 20th, 2011)
* I don't menyampah at a lot of people. But the only two that is on the list, I always see them. Terserempak ke apa ke, why?
* Why is it whenever I get super sleepy, I am not at home?
* Why is my face so bulat these days? (Hmmph, tak sedar diri dok sumbat badan with cekodok pisang, tak ingat dunia kan?)


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