Umar's Not Well

Why did I have to terfikir this - "Lama Umar tak sakit..." And tadaaa... Hamik ko! It started with the flu and as predicted, turned to bad cough, comes the kahak and to lengkapkan semuanya, the wheezing.
Took him to the clinic lepas buka puasa tadi. Reminded him that doc will have to check his chest, and gigi etc and most probably Umar kena amik gas. He nodded to all. And Alhamdulillah, he behaved so well depan doctor. And tak nampak macam pesakit pun coz he was super active, excited dengan new toys at the clinic. Bila the gas chamber door dibuka, menonong si teruna masuk and terus duduk sendiri kat kerusi and sedut gas like he's been doing it since last week. Mind you, sebelum2 ni this session lebih pada drama air mata and wrestling ya. Syukurlah all went well kat klinik tadi sebab Daddy keje malam. But the downside of it, we have to pergi balik for another round of gas esok pagi. He was still breathing heavy after gas.
Sesi makan ubat di rumah - drama!! Nangis, tolak habis2an yg end up dengan sesi muntah. Aagh!! Lepas mandikan Umar, pakaikan baju etc barulah dia mahu. Letih!
Anyhow, will try get a video of his best behaviour during gas session tomorrow.


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